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Tax Analysis and Tax-Efficient Investment Services

As your wealth grows, so do your tax obligations. Sunpointe serves as your expert guide to advantageous tax planning that’s fully integrated with your individualized financial roadmap.

This may include things like recommending tax-efficient investments and using tax-advantaged accounts.

Our goal is to keep your overall investment plans and goals moving forward while keeping tax bills to a minimum along the way.

We take a year-round approach to tax planning.  Proactive steps include:

  • Monitoring for RMD compliance
  • Tracking gains and losses for the year-to-date
  • Tracking tax-loss carryforwards
  • Harvesting tax losses during market drops
  • Collecting K-1’s for your tax return compliance

We also act quickly to mitigate any tax code changes that could affect the progress of your financial plans. We also pay attention to opportunities that are unique to your personal or business situation. This diligence means more money saved with fewer tax penalties. All this adds up to more money in your pocket towards your financial goals.

Tax Analysis Services

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