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Sunpointe Investments is an Investment Management Firm based in St. Louis, Missouri

As an investor, you’re faced with an uncertain and volatile financial marketplace further complicated by the wide array of investment options available.

You know that proper planning and discipline are important in working toward financial independence and security for your family, but developing a sound strategy and selecting, monitoring, and managing your investments yourself can be tough. That’s where we come in.

We have seen all forms of innovation in the industry – from index options to active ETFs. This means that you can rest assured that we free our clients from the need to constantly monitor asset allocation and portfolios. We have access to a wide array of advisory programs designed to match your specific needs. For clients who desire a plan for a long time horizon, we build multi-generational programs helping wealthy families simplify their financial decision-making through comprehensive strategies that focus on intentional goals. Our technology allows you to visualize and effectively monitor the plan.

We will show you a “simple approach to your complex situation” through education – ultimately alleviating anxiety over financial decision-making. You can better experience the rewards of your wealth.

Investment Management Services


Our investment management services help people around the United States choose, monitor, and manage their investments

Our portfolio approach allows you to view your portfolio in two broad categories: risky assets and risk mitigation assets.

Our portfolio approach allows you to view your portfolio in two broad categories: risky assets and risk mitigation assets. We then break that down further into four functional categories as in the diagram below. This intuitive design permits easily understood communications about the portfolio between you and us to achieve the best possible outcome. Furthermore, we can use this framework to customize unique strategies for each client according to their needs, market expectations, and risk tolerance.

Investment management services St. Louis

We proactively advise and provide feedback on opportunities, markets, tactics, and risks that could impact your investment performance. And our cloud-based performance-reporting (hyperlink to Addepar on partners page) system helps you track your assets from any custodian in real-time, wherever you are.

Custom tailored to your needs, our approach uses tax-efficient trading & cost considerations along with a multi-asset class process and a mix of growth, stable and diversifying assets to produce consistent & attractive returns over time.

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